A personal tour... In 2002 the Neblett`s purchased three continuous pieces of property from three different owners of land on Hewlett`s Creek. Later that year they optioned, and later purchased, a fourth piece of property. An architect, Kevin Pfirman, was employed to design a home and an out building for an office and workshop. The project took about eighteen months to complete. Several months into the project Lee F Cooper & Co., a noted builder, was engaged. Separate service providers were engaged for cypress and oak from the Marsh Lumber Co`s. saw mills located in the swamps of South Carolina. Cape Fear Riverwood provided two hundred year old pine logs from the Cape Fear River for flooring. A master plan was developed by Tony Parker and Classic Landscapes. The main residence uses thirty solar panels installed by Cape Fear Solar and John Donoghue. The residence is part of the SunSense Solar PV Program created by Progress Energy. As the developer, Mort Neblett, was awarded a grant from the U S Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service. The grant was to purchase plant species indigenous to Zone 8 and Southeastern North Carolina. The plants are used as a buffer to filter water runoff into Hewletts Creek. This project is now part of the Wildlife Habitat Development Plan (WHIP ), and it has been a very successful wildlife project.
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