On the occasion of your graduation from Princeton and your engagement to be married, I have the pleasure to write a few words  about your late father and my close friend, Justus C. Martin Jr. I am writing to you from my home office surrounded by photographs of  Justus and friends/clients while on shooting trips, playing golf, traveling abroad, working in his office, etc. While I have many photos  with others of my generation, few give me more pleasure than the photos from my twenty plus years of working and travelling with  Justus C. Martin Jr. He was so much a “people person” and a terrific leader of his troops at Robinson-Humphrey. He was a much  admired man and a highly respected member of Atlanta`s “most influential citizens” as well as being influential in business  throughout the Southeast. When he served on the Board of the New York Stock Exchange, I often traveled to New York to see clients  with him around his NYSE board meetings. In those days we usually stayed at the River Club in New York where he was a member and  he was well known to almost all of the membership and staff. Having a drink, before dinner, with Justus in the bar at the River Club  afforded me an opportunity to mix with his many Wall Street friends. One long weekend in New York, Justus and I were invited to shoot  ducks and pheasants at a club called Cove Valley in New York State. The shooting party included Lou Gerstner, soon to head IBM, Mr.  John Macomber, who had been Chairman and CEO of the Celanese Corp and headed the Export-Import Bank, Mr. Don Kendall who  was Chairman and CEO of Pepsi. We all had a great time and your dad shot his share of ducks and pheasants Your dad was also a  friend of Richard Fisher who headed Morgan Stanley in New York. Years later, I shared a locker with Richard at the Eagle Point Golf  Club north of Wilmington, North Carolina near Figure Eight Island. Once, while in London with Justus, and staying at Claridges  Hotel, we had dinner with Mr. John Linen who had just retired as head of Time Inc. Mr. Linen was representing some of the US  interests for the Shah of Iran. On that same evening, Mr. Linen invited George Schultz, Secretary of State under President Reagan, to  have a drink with us before dinner. Many years later, Mr. Linen`s son, Jonathan, who lived in New York and was a senior executive at  American Express attended your dad`s funeral service in Atlanta. Your father was equally at home with his farm manager and working  people as he was with Royalty. When Prince Charles came to Atlanta on an official visit many years ago, Justus met with the Prince at  the Governor`s Mansion during a dinner reception. Interestingly, Justus had previously met the Prince in London at the wedding of an  old English friend who was also a client of Robinson-Humphrey. I was recruited by the British Consul, Frank Kennedy in Atlanta, to  organize entertainment for Prince Charles one evening. We settled on Gladys Knight and the Pips. The event was a great success, and  I had the privilege of meeting Prince Charles after the concert. During the many trips overseas with your father, I was always  impressed with the enormous number of friends he had in so many countries and the weekends we spent in the homes of so many of  those people. One night while at a Club in London, Justus and I were introduced to Sir Major David Sterling, also know as The  Phantom Major for his fighting style against the German General Rommel, also known as the Desert Fox, in the North African  Campaign of the Second World War. During the Second World War Justus served some time in North Africa. Your dad loved shooting and he loved golf. I was fortunate to play at Augusta National with him on many occasions where he  always knew many of the members and guests. Likewise, I had the great fortune of shooting quail with him in and around Albany and  Thomasville, Georgia. I was with Justus in South Georgia just a few days before his stroke. We use to shoot ducks and wild pigs in  Mexico with clients and a friend of mine, Ken Tucker. Ken Tucker produced the Sportsman`s Showcase TV show and once featured  Justus and me on his show while filming a TV show near Selma, Alabama. We were hunting wild turkeys with Eddie Salter, a champion  maker of turkey calls. I have lots of fun photos of a group from Atlanta who flew to Mexico on the C&S Bank`s plane for a weekend of  hunting. At outings of golf and hunting, your dad was always the best story teller. These occasions were usually over drinks and cigars.  Justus and I both enjoyed cigars in those days. Once when visiting the Middle East with the firm`s business partner, Bill Kent of  William Kent & Co., we stayed in a suite in Kuwait City well stocked with adult beverages. Drinking was not allowed in Kuwait. Justus  was an exception in the Sheraton Hotel. When our plane arrived from London, Justus, Bill Kent, and I were taken off the plane first  and then shown to a private lounge. We never went through customs because Justus had previously entertained the Minister of Finance  from Kuwait at a private dinner in Atlanta at the Piedmont Driving Club. Interestingly, while in Kuwait, Justus was provided with a  man servant and driver who slept on the floor outside your dad`s hotel room. Your father knew the Oil Minister from Kuwait in those  days. The minister, who had come to Atlanta as a guest of the Southern Center of International Studies which was headed by my good  friend, Peter White and on whose board I served. Through the same organization, Justus and I got to meet King Hussein of Jordan at a  small dinner in Atlanta. During that time Justus hosted a very private dinner for Georgie Abartorf who was the Senior Minister for  American Affairs in the USSR. I was also privileged to attend this meeting. We also were travelling in Ireland on business where I was  fortunate to establish some relationships with a private investment firm whose members included heads of Irish Life, Allied Irish Bank.  Air Lingus, etc. One night, at a dinner, in Dublin, one of our guests introduced us to the President of Ireland. She joined us for a drink.  This was very special to me as both of my mother`s parents were born in Ireland. Later in my life these friendships paid some  wonderful dividends in business.   Your dad founded the Buckhead Club and kindly invited me to join the Board of Directors of the Club. The Club was a great  success and continues to thrive as of this writing. JCM, as some people called your dad, was one hell of a business man. He was able  to make quick decisions with large issues at hand or with large sums of money being involved. He bet on people which I always  thought to be one of his best talents. He backed a variety of individuals and almost always made the right decisions. His attention span  was not long so if you had something to discuss, it better be quick. He hired good people and usually gave them enough rope to hang  themselves if a bad decision was made. That almost never happened.   He loved the farm and he loved riding. When I bought a farm to the south of Atlanta, he offered much needed advice to me and  came to my place to help with the purchase of livestock, and advised me on new barn construction and on equipment purchases. Our  mutual friend Ken Tucker of The Sportsman Showcase filmed a dove shoot at my farm, and it was an episode on TV. Justus also loved  antique furniture. Many a weekend in Scotland and down in London I would accompany him visiting antique shops. He was well  versed on the subject of antique furniture, and he also knew porcelain well. Once, he and I bought rugs from some desert merchants in  Kuwait, and on the same trip we shopped in a desert market outside the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia buying old pieces of nomadic  jewelry. And it goes on and on.  He was a wonderful man with more friends in more places than anyone I have ever known. He also helped a lot of people  achieve more success than they would have on their own. I am one of those people.   All the best as you and your husband go forward hand in hand. I do remember you from years ago, and I hope that I might, once  again, have the pleasure of seeing you as a grown lady.   Wishing you all the best and the same kind of happiness I have enjoyed in over forty years of marriage.   

Mort S. Neblett, Member/Manager

Mort@ofpfinancialpartners.com 910-262-1089


June 17 2014                                                                                                            I wrote this letter many years ago to share some of my experiences in work and play with the late Justus C. Martin Jr. The letter`s recipient was the youngest daughter of Justus C. Martin Jr. I believe she was twelve years old when he died. Many other people contributed their memories of her father and these memories were bound into a shared diary of experiences we had working with Justus while we were part of Robinson-Humphrey & Co., a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange. The firm was founded in the late 1800`s in Atlanta, Georgia. I was very fortunate to become a close friend of Justus and to travel extensively with him in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and in America. Some of my memories are shared below…he covered a wide path and knew many famous people in business, and he knew many average people on the street. His heart was large and his genius was in dealing with people from every walk of life.       Below is the letter.....................
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